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Wataniya 1 TV

Broadcast by the free license permission/agreement with M/s Streamago

Published: 8 months ago

Category: Tunisia


TV Logo
Formerly called
RTT (1966-1983)
RTT 1 (1983-1992)
TV7 (1992-1997)
Tunis 7 (1997-2008)
Tunisie 7 (2008-2011)
Télévision Tunisienne 1 (2011)
TV Name Now
Wataniya 1 TV
Tunisian Television 1 (التلفزة التونسية الوطنية 1), also called Al Wataniya Wataniya 1 or 1 (National 1) is a chain of general public television Tunisia. The first television broadcast in Tunisia 15 December 1963 at the occasion of the solemn celebration of the evacuation of Bizerte , the retransmission is performed with the technical assistance of Italian1 television. In 1964, Mohamed Mzali appointed CEO of RTT ( Tunisian Radio and Television ) is responsible for launching national television. In October of the same year, the RTT retransmits from Bizerte Congress Destour Socialist Party whose presentation is entrusted to Malika Ben Khamsa . The first experimental diffusion , which takes place on 1 October 1965 for an hour and a quarter, is accessible to people of Tunis and its banlieue2 using VHF transmitter Boukornine which broadcasts programs on Italian television . On 29 October of the same year, a second experimental session lasts two hours and quart2 . Each time, this is music but also theater and the magic that is broadcast live . October 31 , television broadcasts live the first football game in its history since the Chedly – Zouiten stage. During the three experimental sessions , the Italian programs are temporarily suspended . From January 7, 1966 , with the commissioning of the transmitter Zaghouan , emissions are more regular and the Tunisian press began to publish the program schedule of the RTT , parallel to that of the Italian television. 31 May of the same year, Tunisian television , known as RTT ( إ ت ت ) is officially inaugurated by President Habib Bourguiba. In 1967 , one year after his birth, Tunisian television broadcasts three hours of programming per day : two are in Arabic and French. In this context , it develops cooperation with French television , including Swiss Television which provides programs and welcomes interns in its Geneva studios . The same year , it broadcasts and retransmits television Mediterranean Mediterranean Games held in Tunisia. During the first two years of programming , do not have a VCR, the RTT broadcasts its programs, including dramas , live . The first cars- regulated to produce color are acquired in 1975, the chain starts to produce emissions at the end of 1976 . In 1977 , it broadcasts in color the first edition of the FIFA World Cup Under- 20 held in Tunis. In June of the same year, the film lab RTT begins to develop color film .
Street Address
Boulevard headquarters of the Arab League
the Belvedere
1002 Tunis
Postal/Zip Code
News TV
Middle East
+216 71 800 844
+216 71 781 058
Official website
Badr 4
Arabsat 5C
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B
Eutelsat 7 West A
Eutelsat 12 West A
Galaxy 19
Owned by
Établissement de la télévision tunisienne
31 May 1966
31 May 1966

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