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Wataniya 2 TV


Published: 8 months ago

Category: Tunisia


TV Logo
Formerly called
Canal 21 (1994-2007)
Tunisie 21 (2007-2011)
Télévision Tunisienne 2 (2011)
TV Name Now
Wataniya 2 TV
« Un espace d’expression des aptitudes, de l’intelligence et de la créativité des jeunes »
Tunisian Television 2 (التلفزة التونسية الوطنية 2), also called 2 Wataniya (National 2), formerly known as Canal 21 (قناة 21) and 21 Tunisia (تونس 21), is a chain of Tunisian state television. His color is blue since 25 July 2011. It is the second string after Tunisian Tunisian Television 1.. Television in Tunisia reaches 94% of households. The dominant platform in the market is free satellite, though terrestrial platform reaches around 15% of the households. Tunisia has four Free-to-Air channels of which one channel is state-owned. These include Tunis Al Wataniya 1 and Tunis Al Wataniya 2, Nessma TV and Hannibal TV. The two national channels operated by the Établissement de la Radiodiffusion-Télévision Tunisienne have undergone management changes since the 2011 revolution, and consequently changes in programming and content. On 7 November 1994 on the instruction of then President Zine el- Abidine Ben Ali, Canal 21 starts on the network initially created in 1983 to host the RTT 2 and sold in June 1989 to Antenne 2 (which becomes France 2 in 1992 ) .
For young people, the number 21 referring to the Youth Day held on 21 March , it broadcasts its programs between 17 h 40 and 20 h 15 instead of those of France 2 ( especially during the news 20 hours deemed critical of the Tunisian government). Following the triumphant reelection of President Ben Ali in 1999 ( with 99 % of votes) , the French media, including France 2 , strongly criticized the Tunisian government and criticized the lack of democracy regime .
In response, the latter sum ERTT to stop the spread of French chain , which is done in late October 1999. From this date, the second wireless network is entirely occupied by Canal 21 that emits 16 hours ( and 14 hours) at midnight. However , the sentence string to find its audience with an audience share not exceeding 5% as it faces stiff competition from private national channels and other Arab channels broadcast by satellite . In addition, its distribution is exclusively terrestrial .
July 25, 2007 , Ben Ali announced in a speech the ” conversion of the second national TV channel Canal 21 satellite channel in a new form and with a modern programming.”
The chain is actually renamed Tunisia 21 November 7 and begins transmitting on the satellite the same day. Diffusion takes place between noon and midnight as a new grille and a new design of the chain are introduced. This satellite broadcasting allows the chain to expand its audience.
In March 2010, Tunisia 21 moves into new premises Tunisian television . After the fall of President Zine el- Abidine Ben Ali on 14 January 2011, during the Tunisian Revolution , the station changes name again on Jan. 20 to become Télévision Tunisienne Nationale 2 ( التلفزة التونسية الوطنية 2 ) in Arabic Tunisian and French Television 2 .
As of January 2, 2012 , the station changes registry and adopt a program devoted to Regions1 , then its distribution covers 17 hours a day. From 1 January 2013, the chain moves to a broadcast round the clock .
Street Address
Boulevard headquarters of the Arab League
the Belvedere
1002 Tunis
Postal/Zip Code
News TV
Middle East
+216 71 800 844
+216 71 781 058
Official website
Badr 6 à 26° est
(11727 H 27500 3/4)
Nilesat-Atlantic Bird 4A à 7° ouest
(10775 H 27500 3/4)
Owned by
Établissement de la télévision tunisienne
November 7, 1994

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